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What is COtingency and how does it benefit my business?

COtingency is a business consulting firm that provides comprehensive continuity and succession planning designed to safeguard your business legacy by ensuring continuity in leadership and operations, aligning with your and vision.

How long does the COtingency process take from start to finish?

The process is meticulously structured over a period of 13 weeks, segmented into specific stages designed to cover all aspects of succession planning thoroughly.

What is the ICE Box is and what does it contain?

The ICE Box (In Case of Emergency Box) contains critical documents and tools such as compliance checklists, financial takeover guides, operational and strategic planning resources, ensuring preparedness for any unforeseen circumstances.

What kind of support can I expect during the COtingency process?

During the process, clients receive collaborative support from a dedicated team of expert consultants. COtingency experts work with your organization, estate attorneys, business law specialists, and external advisors to guide you through each stage.

How does COtingency ensure a smooth transition for my successor?

Through detailed assessments, strategic planning, and hands-on training sessions, COtingency ensures successors are fully prepared to take over leadership roles seamlessly.

What are KIEPers?

KIEPers refer to Key Internal and External Personnel. They are the trusted individuals within and outside your organization who contribute to its success by offering specialized knowledge and expertise. This group encompasses members of your executive team, as well as external advisors and contractors.

What is the COOP (Continuity of Operations Personnel)?

The COOP (Continuity of Operations Personnel) consists of key individuals both within and outside your organization responsible for executing your continuity and succession plan when necessary. This team may include members from the KIEPers as well as other essential internal role players.

How does COtingency address the training needs of successors and key employees?

A structured onboarding and training program ensures successors and key employees are well-acquainted with their roles and responsibilities, promoting sustained operational performance.