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We are Revolutionizing Business Continuity & Succession Planning

We specialize in creating fully customized business continuity and succession plans tailored to your unique needs. Our approach ensures that your business thrives through both planned and unexpected transitions, protecting your legacy and securing the future for your family and workforce

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Unlock Your Freedom

You’ve built a thriving business—now it’s time to enjoy it. Our tailor-made continuity plans free you to pursue passions and spend quality time with loved ones, ensuring your business thrives, even in your absence.

Secure Your Legacy

The thought of a crisis or unexpected event can be daunting. Our succession planning fortifies your legacy, ensuring your business and family are prepared for any eventuality with confidence.

Transform Your Operations

Ensure your business remains resilient and adaptable in the face of any challenge, while seamlessly preparing the next generation of leaders. Our expert strategies provide the stability and foresight needed for long-term success and peace of mind.

Our service isn’t just a safety net—it’s the plan for living your best life, today and tomorrow

Business Continuity Plan


The ICE Box is a comprehensive continuity plan that encapsulates over 20 critical documents, providing a clear roadmap for your successor. It ensures operational stability and strategic direction during leadership transitions, safeguarding your business’s legacy.

Business Continuity Plan

Operational Proficiency

Cockpit Clone

Elevate operational proficiency with a hands-on guide. Empowering your successor to excel from day one, ensuring continuity for your business, and increased freedom for you.

Operational Proficiency

Business Continuity Plan

Owner’s Advisory Assembly

The Owner’s Advisory Assembly brings together your executive team, external advisors, and our consultants to rigorously review and enhance your continuity plan. This collaborative effort ensures the plan is legally sound, logistically feasible, and operationally robust.

Expert Consultations

"COtingency provided us with a comprehensive succession and continuity plan, ensuring the security and stability of our firm for the future. Their strategic approach not only safeguarded our operations but also significantly increased our firm’s value. This peace of mind is invaluable, not just for me but as a lasting legacy for my children."


Founder and CEO of Tenant Law Group

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